Earning a living was never easy. Yet, it seems that we work harder then ever today, and still, we barely seem to make ends meet. The strange part is that there was never as much wealth, abundance and opportunity as there is today. By all standards we earn more then any previous generation—yet we continue to struggle. And, while we enjoy a host of technological advances that free mankind from most physical labor—we still have to fight to provide for our families. It almost seems like there’s a plan to keep man working. But why? Why would HASHEM want us to work? What would HASHEM want us to spend so many hours doing things that aren’t really important, and don’t help us grow?

This series deals with the many issues associated with working for a living.

  • Why does HASHEM want us to work for a living?
  • How do I know what is the right amount of effort that I should put in?
  • When can I say to HASHEM, “I have done all that I can. Now it’s up to You.”
  • Why is that no matter how much I earn, I always seem to be in debt?
  • Is there an easier way to provide for my family?
  • What things can help guarantee a good parnasah (living)?
  • Why does HASHEM give wealth to certain people?
  • Is there a way to know what I should be doing to earn a living?
  • Is there a way of knowing how hard I should work?
  • When it comes to earning a living: What is HASHEM’s role? What is mine?
  • Is Kollel for Life permitted?
  • Is there an operating principle that I can use to guide the efforts that I put in?
  • If I enjoy a particular type of work, but it doesn’t pay enough, may I still do it, and rely on HASHEM to provide?