Most people we meet are nice guys. If you were stuck on the road, or if you needed a place to sleep they would be the first to come forward and offer to help. Yet these very same people do things that really arent nice– in fact, sometimes downright cruel. The question is why? Why is it that people who are kind and sweet, do things that are so unquestionably mean?

Oftentimes the answer is simply because they dont see other people. They go through life too busy to notice that those around them are human beings, with needs and sensitivities just like their own. So while they may be nice people in the sense that they mean well, they do a lot of damage to others because they fail to see that those around them have the same human feelings as they do. Amazingly, it is often you and I who fit this description! Yet, once we come to this recognition our behavior can change dramatically.

This Shmuz focuses us on the concept that by becoming sensitive to other people’s needs, not only do I become a truly nice guy, I begin that long road to spiritual perfection, by becoming more similar to our Creator, the source of all giving kindness in this world.