Its true that Im not quite where I hope to be one day. Its even true that there are many thoughts that go through my head that Im not proud of. I am still selfish and self centered, and there are many things that I feel that I would be deeply ashamed of if anyone else knew about them. But its OK, because one day I will change.

This Shmuz focuses us on the shocking realization that as I am at the last moment of life, exactly as I am, is how I will be for eternity. The same attitudes, thoughts and desires that course through my mind now will be a part of me forever. When I leave this earth -WYSIWYG- What You See Is What You Get. I will be exactly as I am now, with one difference; you and everyone else will be able to see me, exactly as I am, with all of my positive thoughts and all of my negative ones. This Shmuz also brings us to understand the preciousness of life, — that as long as there is a breath in my being, I can change — I can shape myself; mold myself into what I will be for eternity.