I know exactly what it is that I need! I need to marry that woman; get that job; my child has to get into that class – and HASHEM just won’t listen! I have tried to teach HASHEM. I have tried to speak to him. I even daven. But nothing helps. For some strange reason, HASHEM won’t give me what I need.
85% of our Emunah problems come from just such thinking: assuming that I know exactly what it is that I need and then having questions on HASHEM when He doesn’t deliver it. Part of being a mature, thinking person is recognizing that I am exactly that – a person made of flesh and blood, here for a few short years. I come into this world while things are in full swing. I leave before I have much of a chance to sort things out. Yet I have the arrogance to think that I truly get it, that I know what is best for me.

This Shmuz introduces us to one of the most fundamental concepts in our serving HASHEM: recognizing that HASHEM cares more about me than I do, that He knows far better than I do what I need, and will do what is best for me five years from now, ten years from now, in this world, and in the World to Come.