The Rishonim tell us that the most assured way to come to belief in HASHEM is to look out at the world.

When a person sees the beauty of the universe; the conformity of every part working together as a unit, everything so orderly and so reliable–the sun rising every morning exactly at the appointed time; the tides always pulling in the pre-described manner; the forces of nature all so seemingly untamed, yet always performing within a predictable, set pattern; all diverse parts conforming to a master plan–the world itself cries out: there is a Master to this house!

Yet, many intelligent, educated individuals look at this very phenomenon, study it, discuss it- and don’t see HASHEM. Quite the opposite they attribute it all to some lucky roll of some cosmic dice. All of this wisdom just evolved, the entire plan just happened. How can we reconcile the undeniable evidence of a creator with the reality that many, many people just deny it? And how does it affect our own belief system?

This Shmuz explores some of the basics of Emunah, and brings us to a deeper understanding of what causes a person to believe or not believe.