When a person recognizes that he needs to lose weight, it isn’t enough for him to read all the latest diet books and find a great plan – the person has to actually “do it.” He has to go on that diet and stick to it. But “doing it” requires motivation, not just the initial motivation to begin, but long-lasting motivation that will withstand the tests of life, allowing changes in behavior to become permanent. Why is it that some people are able to maintain that positive focus and other aren’t? Are there techniques for “getting motivated”, and maintaining that sense of empowerment?
This issue is especially relevant to us, the Chosen Nation. Our mandate is not only to change damaging personal habits, but to change our very nature, our character traits, and our approaches to life — the types of spouses we are, the types of parents we are, the type of human beings we are.  To do this, we must have a constant source of motivation and drive. Changing our very nature is difficult work. Where does this drive come from? How can we stay that motivated throughout life?
In this third part of a three-part series on the mechanisms of change, we focus on using moments of inspiration and learn how to lock them in, so that we give ourselves the constant source of inspiration needed for change.