“Considering where I come from and what I’ve been through, I’m doing pretty well…” While this may be a comforting position to take, the question a person must ask themselves is: is this really all that I can be? What if I were to stop making excuses? What if I was to truly hold myself accountable to live up to my potential? What if I was to go full blast – how great could I be?

This question is essential for growth, but it is also one of our greatest pitfalls. If we don’t clearly see how much we are capable of, we cannot chart the course toward our potential. However, with a realistic view of where we are now and a clear understanding of what we could become might lead to depression.

This Shmuz focuses us on maintaining a balance between the two views needed for steady growth: a clear understanding of where we are now and a vivid image of what we can be, even if we won’t reach those levels for many, many years.