Almost all of the people that we deal with are reasonable, well intentioned individuals. And so too, am I. Yet, in the course of life, there is conflict, hurtful words, vengeful acts And, in that rare moment of self honesty, I realize that everything that happens isn’t the “other guys fault”. I too, am to blame. There have been situations where I acted in a manner that was cold and callous. There have been times when I acted with cruelty and malice.  The question is why? It’s not that I am not a nice guy, I know I am. Yet there are times when that’s not the way I act. The question is why would a nice, caring individual act in a manner very inconsistent with that image? And more significantly what can I do about it?

This Shmuz focuses us on one of the keys to growing in all human relationships: learning to focus on the Inner Condition how people actually feel, and learning to ignore the Outer Condition the show that people put on to hide what is actually going on in their heart.