The Jewish contribution to the cultural, scientific, and technological evolution of civilization is nothing short of astounding. Whether in academics, politics, the media, or the professions — from curing polio to discovering atomic energy, from Hollywood to Wall Street– Jews have had an extraordinary influence on culture and human progress.

Between 1901 and 2006, 23% of all Nobel Prizes worldwide, were awarded to Jews. In the 20th century, 37% of all United States Nobel Prizes were awarded to Jews. (Even though Jews make up less than a quarter of a percent of the world population, and less than 2% of the US population!)

The question is why? Why is it that such a miniscule percentage of the population can have such a profound influence – even effecting areas not known to be Jewish, areas like literature, art, theater and music? This Shmuz explores some of what make Jews unique, and allows him to find exceptional success in all of his endeavors.