When we have medical questions, we go to our doctor. When we have legal questions, we go to our lawyer. When we have financial questions, we go to our accountant. But who do we go to when we have “life questions”? Who do we approach when we have the really big deal questions — questions that shape our future and the future of our families?  Since the time we were in Yeshiva we have been taught the answer: Da’as Torah — We consult our Rebbeim.

 But the problem is that most of us don’t have a Rebbe. Most of us find ourselves davening in one shul maybe another If we had a connection to a Rebbe in our Yeshiva days, we have long since lost contact with him. The Rov of the Shul I daven in, may be a big Talmid Chacham, but I have little to do with him So who do I turn to?

 This Shmuz address this very real problem in our communities.