Each individual was created with different strengths and weakness — One is wise and the other is capable, one has great physical strength, and the other has a strong mental capacity. One is a financial wizard but can’t fix his car, the other is a great Talmid Chacham but can’t balance his checkbook. Some people can paint, some can speak, some can play the piano, some can create, some can sing and some can write poetry each person has his or her own unique ability.

This Shmuz focuses on the concept that each individual was created with the potential for greatness — but not all individuals have the potential to be great in the same areas. As there are different aptitudes, talents and gifts, there are different expectations from each person. One of the keys to leading a successful life is to find my personal strengths, develop them, and use them to accomplish great things. At the end of my days “They” will ask me if I became a great person, but not a great person as judged by the criteria of you, or any other individual — the question will be did I use my abilities, gifts and talents to become the great individual that I could have become.